Erich Collins Carey


The Erich Collins Carey Constituency is now broadcasting live rock'n'roll music year 'round from New York City.  Listen to some original tracks from my 2013 album "Could've Gone Either Way" (streaming on the right of the page) and come see the ECCC LIVE at a rock palace in the near future!!!

Had a kick ass winter 2015 with shows at Legion out in Billyburg, Brooklyn, the most venerable Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY and Best Bar in the good ol' Hell's Kitchen NYC. We saw less than a million faces-- but we rocked them all. And more importantly they all looked like a million bucks!

And we are just getting started. Feeling that Spring FEVER  and looking forward to getting some NYC and East End shows together in the near future. Stay tuned for dates. Sincerely hope to see you soon!!!

If you want-a-more of the music, tunes available via download by iTunesAmazonFacebook as well as for download or mail order via CD Baby. All Album Artwork is also available here on the webpage.

Check back for info about shows and the music, to kill some time or sign up for the E-mail list. As my mother would say: "make yourself comfortable!"

Thanks so much for visiting,