Erich Collins Carey


To my homepage!!! Huge thanks to everyone who has helped welcome in my album "Could've Gone Either Way"!!!

After an unexpected hiatus on account of a fret hand injury to start the year (2014), and then some time to enjoy an awesome season of celebration this summer, excited to getting back to playing music real soon-- with a southpaw as strong as ever and a heart full of love. Stay tuned for news on gigs with these fine fellows-- Ryan Gleason on the bass and Jason Lunardi on the drums-- playing some live original NYC ECC rock n' roll. In the parlance of Vanilla Ice, "word to your mutha!"

As always too, happy to report that the album is available for download on iTunesAmazonFacebook as well as for download or mail order via CD Baby. The album can also be streamed using the Radio Player right over there on the side----------> All Album Artwork is also available here on the webpage. 

Check this website for info about shows and the music, to kill some time, listen to the tunes and/or sign up for the E-mail list. As my mother would say: "make yourself comfortable!"

Thanks so much for visiting,