From the recording The Days & Nights of Jen & Jill


The Days and Nights of Jen and Jill

She couldn’t read nothing but a book of matches
Latches on to nothing cause it don’t let her down.
It’s a little paradise but the only catch is
It only keeps her happy when there’s no one around.
Best friend wasn’t nothing but a low level criminal
Always see ‘em running when the weather gets cold.
And some might say she’s a little bit cynical
Go and hit the bottle like a moth to a light bulb.

We are young, might as well,
The days and nights of Jen and Jill.

Together, apart they raised hell when they got bored
Left bills unpaid up and down the eastern seaboard.
Didn’t change a thing when they picked a place to detox
Walked out on the lease and left the keys in the mailbox.

Deposit’s gone, sorry dad.
But would you believe the times we’ve had?
Breakin hearts, raising hell.
The days and nights of Jen and Jill.

Won’t save,
Won’t save myself for you.
Won’t break,
Won’t break myself in two.
From high,
From high is where we fell.
The days,
The days and nights of
Jen and Jill…

Years they passed, summers they went
Dated men for protection like the coat on your back deck.
And all the time, the world’s growin up
Compromise takes the shape of love
It’s a land mine when you’re passed your prime
It’s easier to bitch then walking the line
They got through it together like birds of a feather
But it’s takin it’s toll like a change in the weather

Now Jen she’s teaching at the old high school
Lost the nose ring baby and the quick attitude
And Jill ain’t far away, or so it seems
Swears this one is the man of her dreams
And it don’t stop baby things don’t change
It’s never long before they’re together again
This life’s for the living not for revision
And when Saturday night rolls around it’s a given.

Running wild, running free.
The way we are and used to be.
What tomorrow holds,
Time will tell,
For the days and nights of Jen and Jill,
The days and nights of Jen and Jill,
The days and nights of Jen and Jill.